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  • The 7 Key Factors in Choosing a Mobile Device Management Solution
    Learn what you should be looking for when choosing a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution provider. Also uncover the key attributes of one solution that delivers the features every enterprise should demand when it comes to security, manageability, stability, and technical/customer support.
  • Enterprise Mobile Computing: BlackBerry PlayBook tablet 2.0
    Get the big picture on how the upcoming software upgrade to the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet makes mobile computing easier than ever. Leave your laptop behind with built-in email application, integrated contacts and calendar, full Microsoft Office integration, access to key enterprise applications, and much more. Plus, learn how BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion makes managing this corporate data simple and secure.
  • Arming your Business for BYOD: How BlackBerry Addresses Your MDM Challenges
    IT decision-makers have a range of options when it comes to managing enterprise mobility today. But not all deliver the advantages in security, ease of administration and productivity that organizations now need and demand. Get the details on how BlackBerry Mobile Fusion can make managing mobile devices – including those running Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems faster, easier and safer than ever. Plus, find out how you can try this next-generation MDM solution free for 60 days and get more out of the smartphones and tablets deployed across your enterprise.
  • BlackBerry Mobile Fusion: Managing all of your Enterprise Mobility needs
    When connected to an organization's BlackBerry® Enterprise Server or BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express, specific IT policie,s along with features built into the device software, help keep personal information separate and business information highly secure, allowing users to enjoy the fullest BlackBerry experience on a single device. In this Deep Dive session, IT administrators can learn more about how to ensure that company data is safe, secure, and manageable.
  • Apps that add business value
    BlackBerry® has all that you need to leverage mobile applications for BlackBerry® smartphones and BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablets. You will see some simple applications that will help to immediately make your users more productive, and we will discuss how you can leverage the BlackBerry solution for more advanced work flow to help transform your business. Whether you are a seasoned pro at developing apps or have little to no experience, these simple apps are easy to build, simple to deploy, and powerful enough to add tremendous value and productivity to your organization.
  • Manufacturing Customers Get a Mobile Catalog of Gaskets Thanks to a New BlackBerry Smartphone App
    As a wholesale supplier and distributor of fluid sealing and pump protection products, it’s crucial for Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd. to help its customers make the right choice – doing so helps prevent gas and liquid leaks. With thousands of different options, however, an error-free decision is often difficult for service people to make. Seeing an opportunity to help its customers and local distributors, TFC worked with BlackBerry® Alliance Elite Member FloatPoint Media Inc. to develop the custom iGasket™ app. With a simple and intuitive interface, iGasket asks the user for six pieces of information about temperature, pressure, parts and fluids to generate a list of compatible Durlon® gaskets with matching visual images and product descriptions. The app, which is available on BlackBerry App World, also connects users directly to the Triangle Fluid head office. iGasket has not only improved user safety by improving product selection, it has also opened Triangle Fluids to a wider worldwide market.
  • Bank Improves Crisis Management Communications with Help from BlackBerry Solution
    With a staff of more than 60,000 people dispersed across the United States, U.S. Bank needed a robust and intuitive program that would allow it to send crucial information in the event of an emergency. The bank turned to BlackBerry® Alliance member Tenet Computer Group Inc. (Tenet) to roll out a customized version of its PINpoint application. The app automatically collects up-to-date information from authoritative sources, pulls contact information and documents from a number of servers, and pushes the info to the emergency response team and employees in near-real time. The emergency response team can also easily push the bank’s crisis management handbook to employees, where it is stored in the cache memory in the event that the systems go down. With up-to-date information, reliable access, and the ability to push specific information to different distribution lists, employees are much safer in the event of an unforeseen crisis.
  • BlackBerry NFC Security Overview
    The presentation on NFC security will provide an overview of the security protections built into the BlackBerry platform to protect users, application developers and enterprises. In addition to the security content the presentation will also provide an introduction to NFC technology as well an overview of NFC features available on BlackBerry® smartphones. 
  • Security Certifications 101 – BlackBerry and all those acronyms what do they mean and why they matter?
    FIPS, Common Criteria, CAPS, AISEP, NFC, NIST, Fraunhofer SIT, CESG, DSD – these are just some of the government and industry certifications which BlackBerry has received and organisation’s that certify and test BlackBerry technologies to attain those certifications. Find out why these certifications matter to your organisation, and why they should be considered when protecting the information security of your mobile workforce.
  • Case Study - International Medical Corps
    International Medical Corps uses BlackBerry® smartphones to aide in communications during disaster situations.
  • Striking the Balance in Mobility: User Needs VS Security Concerns (FAQs)
    Your employees want to access confidential information on their mobile devices; however, you need to keep that information secure. Is there an easy way? In this FAQ, discover answers to your top questions about balancing the security of your corporation and its confidential information with the usability and convenience that your end-users want on their mobile devices.