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Oracle Exadata and IBM PureData System for Analytics compared

This 20 page eBook examines Oracle Exadata and the IBM PureData System for Analytics as data warehouse platforms including OLTP, query performance, simplicity of operation, and value. Read the eBook to learn how the PureData System's performance reduces the costs of owning and running data warehouses, and creates new business value by deploying analytic applications previously considered beyond reach. Learn which solutions best meet your business needs and how to achieve optimal results from your data.

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Operational Analytics from A to Z

As the market demands faster and more accurate responses to opportunities and threats, operational analytics is becoming the foundation for real-time decision making. The paper outlines the business value and technological foundations of operational analytics.

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Customer Analytics: The Role of Integrated Systems

This white paper outlines the latest customer analytics opportunities and challenges facing sales, marketing, and customer service decision makers. It draws on IDC's research into big data and analytics (BDA) business and technology trends and provides recommendations for organizations looking to improve their customer analytics initiatives. The paper also considers the role of workload-optimized systems as a technology platform to enable customer analytics and describes the IBM PureData System for Analytics as one of the leading workload-optimized systems in the market today.

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Cost/Benefit Case for IBM PureData System for Analytics

This analyst written white paper compares two of the market leaders, IBM and Teradata, along with their competing products - IBM PureData System for Analytics, powered by Netezza technology and Teradata's Data Warehouse Appliance 2700. The report compares three-year costs of ownership between the respective products.

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Big data and analytics for a holistic customer journey

"This White Paper offers an in-depth discussion on how you can use big data analytics to enhance experience while boosting the bottom line. It includes informative case studies on how other companies have used big data analytics to delight their customers. And it helps you understand which IBM bigdata solutions might support your own company’s initiatives in digital marketing, multichannel engagement, and customer experience optimization."

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Delivering OLTP Database Technology Aimed at Optimal Business Outcomes: IBM PureData for Transactions

This IDC white paper considers the daunting complexity of managing a modern datacenter, including the staff time drain involved, and how each new system increases this complexity and decreases the efficiency of the datacenter overall. It then considers how each transactional database must be individually provisioned and tuned -- critical challenges given the context of the datacenter overall.

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